Baby G’s House of Jazz Vol. 1

Baby G

The musical craftsman is back at it! This time is on the jazzy vibe. Love & respect fm Baby g.

Attached Files

2.It's On - Will Downing.mp3Download 
3. Spirals - Najee.mp3Download 
4. Feel So Fine - Paul Phillips.mp3Download 
5. Walk In The Sky - Bonobo.mp3Download 
6. A Kiss under The Midnight - The Rippingtons.mp3Download 
7. Who Do You Love - Hidden Beach Recordings.mp3Download 
8.One Time - Bill Sharpe.mp3Download 
9. Movement - Tony Exum Jr..mp3Download 
10. Come & See Me - Herb Hancock.mp3Download 
11. Soul Steppin' - Will Downing.mp3Download 
12. Ride - Boney James ft. Jahiem.mp3Download 
13. Brazil - Kennt G..mp3Download 
14. Savoir Faire - Pieces Of A Dream.mp3Download 
15. Lovely Conversation - Tony Exum Jr..mp3Download 
16. Green Peppers - Herb Alpert.mp3Download 


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