DJ Baby G Tribute to Count Basie

Baby G is going back to the those roaring 30s. The Count is one of the best in the musical journey for anyone that is part of music in any form. Enjoy the jazz musical joyride. Love & respect G.

Attached Files

1. Intro.mp3Download 
2. Topsy.mp3Download 
3. Swinging At Daisy Chain.mp3Download 
4. Time Out.mp3Download 
5. Oh! Red.mp3Download 
6. Oh, Lady Be Good.mp3Download 
7. Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong).mp3Download 
8. Sing for Your Supper.mp3Download 
9. Jive At Five.mp3Download 
10. Good Morning Blues (2nd Take).mp3Download 
11. Fare Thee Honey, Fare Thee Well (1st Take).mp3Download 
12. Thursday.mp3Download 
13. Smarty (You Know It All).mp3Download 
14. Our Love was Meant To Be.mp3Download 
15. Listen My Children (and You Shall Hear).mp3Download 
16. Good Morning Blues (1st Take).mp3Download 
17. Out The Window.mp3Download 
18. Don't You Miss Your Baby.mp3Download 
19. Red Wagon.mp3Download 
20. Dupree Blues.mp3Download 
21. Exactly Like You.mp3Download