DJ Baby G

Baby G is saluting Mr. Mayfield, with a collection of songs that will go thru time via musical craftsmanship of CM. RIH King Mayfield.

Attached Files

1. Intro.mp3Download 
2. Between You and Me Baby.mp3Download 
3. Get Down.mp3Download 
4. I Believe In You.mp3Download 
5. Keep On Keeping On.mp3Download 
6. So In Love.mp3Download 
7. The Right Combination.mp3Download 
8. Soul Music.mp3Download 
9. Pusherman.mp3Download 
10. Tripping Out.mp3Download 
11. Party, Party.mp3Download 
12. Move On Up.mp3Download 
13. Mr Welfare Man.mp3Download 
14. Outro.mp3Download 


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