DJ Huh?What?? Presents: Black 360Five the Mixtape

DJ Huh?What?? & PAULWearer Apparel presents:

Black 360Five the Mixtape

This is a love letter to my people. Our funk, our struggles, our emotions, our pain, our fight, and our perseverance no matter what we go through!

Music has always played an important part in how we've expressed that pain as well as dealt with those good and bad times.

These are pieces of that journey; some new some old but all apart of the experience of being

Black 360Five!

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Attached Files

1-I'm Black Ya'll - Dead Mike (CB4)Download 
2-Lift Every Voice - Life's a B%* MashUPDownload 
3-Funkin' Lesson - X ClanDownload 
4-Funkin' Lesson - Funkin' For Jamaica MASHUPDownload 
5-Funkin' for Jamaica - Tom BrowneDownload 
6-Good Times - CHICDownload 
7-Rapper's Delight - The SugarHill GangDownload 
8-I'm Black and Proud (Say It Loud) - James BrownDownload 
9-Black & Proud - Intelligent HoodlumDownload 
10-Bring the Noise - Public EnemyDownload 
11-Black 360Five "Break" - DJ Huh?What?? & ParisDownload 
12-It Takes Two - Rob Base and DJ EZ RockDownload 
13-Motown Philly - Boyz II MenDownload 
14-Blow My Thang - Zapp & RogerDownload 
15-To Be Real - Cheryl LynnDownload 
16-Not Just Knee Deep - George Clinton & ParlimentDownload 
17-Guerilla Funk - ParisDownload 
18-Fight The Power Saxx InterludeDownload 
19-Alright - Kendrick LamarDownload 
20-Now it's the B Turn - LaquanDownload 
21-Freedom - Grandmaster Flash & the Furious FiveDownload 
22-You Must Learn (LIVE from the Caucus Mountains REMIX) - Boogie Down ProductionsDownload 
23-Bam Bam - Compton MashUP - Sister Nancy & Gorilla BlackDownload 
24-NO NO NO - Compton MashUP - Dawn Penn & Gorilla BlackDownload 
25-Oh Yeah Interlude - DJ HUH?What??Download 
26-Cell Therapy - The GOODIE MobDownload 
27-Elevators - OUTKastDownload 
28-Holy Key ft Big Sean & Kendrick Lamar - DJ KhaledDownload 
29-Here I Go - I'm the Man InterludeDownload 
30-Black 360Five OutroDownload 


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