DJ Jrama  Summer Soulstice Vol 1

Attached Files

01 Intro (prod. by Slapp Symphony).mp3
02 Give Me Time.mp3
03 Backstabbers (prod. by The LEVEL).mp3
04 Just What I Need (prod. by The LEVEL).mp3
05 Dani's Song (prod. by Astatine Collective).mp3
06 Serendipitous (prod. by Freddie Joachim).mp3
07 Do Do Do (prod. by The LEVEL).mp3
08 Hopeless.mp3
09 Right Here (ode to HIP HOP).mp3
10 Passion Fruit (prod. by Decibel Studios).mp3
11 Count On Me (prod. by The Uce).mp3
12 It Seems (prod. by The LEVEL).mp3


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