DJ Pinki3-Southern Soul Heat vol.1

Attached Files

01 .My Sidepiece-Pokey Bear.mp3Download 
02 .Slow Rock-Tucka.mp3Download 
03 .Gonna Do Me-Roi Anthony.mp3Download 
04 Going Back-Roi Anthony.mp3Download 
05 Return To Sender-JJ Caillier.mp3Download 
06 Got My Whiskey-Mel Waiters.mp3Download 
07 I'll Pay The Shipping Cost-Ronnie Bell.mp3Download 
08 Strong Woman-Fat Daddy.mp3Download 
09 Don't Make Me Beg-Tucka.mp3Download 
10 Book Of Love-Tucka.mp3Download 
11 Baddest-Magic One.mp3Download 
12 Big Train-Tucka.mp3Download 
13 Until The Morning Come-Tucka.mp3Download 
14 Fire-LeBrado.mp3Download 
15 Work It Out pt.2-Nicole Jackson.mp3Download 
16 Work It Out-Tucka.mp3Download 
17 Teddy Bear-Keith Frank.mp3Download 
18 Cotton Candy-Ronnie Bell.mp3Download 
19 It Is What It Is-Wilson Meadows.mp3Download 


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