DJ Silent Professor - Disrespectful Radio Vol. 1 - Old School Rap Remixes

In the lab cooking up a few remixes with a lot of old school rap flavor. Just a few samples from the volumes of disrespectful radio from fleetdj's and agent94productions own, DJ Silent Professor repping the DMV area.

Attached Files

01 - Eric B and Rakim - 01 -Let the Rythm Hit Em x I Like That Remix.mp3Download 
02 - Public Enemy - The Rhythm The Rebel x Clap For That Remix.mp3Download 
03 - Nice And Smooth - Hip Hop Junkies x Hmm Hmm Remix.mp3Download 
04 - Lord Of The Underground - What Im After x Play Remix.mp3Download 
05 - KRS One - Hip Hop vs Rap x What Happened To That Boy Remix.mp3Download 
06 - The Pharcyde - Passin Me By x Coast 2 Coast Remix.mp3Download 
07 - Channel Live - Madizm x Duel Of The Iron Mix Remix.mp3Download 
08 - Chill Rob G - Let The Word Flow x Burn Remix.mp3Download 


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