Lexii Alijai: The Mourning After MIIXTape

Lexii, I don't know you and it still broke my heart to have to make this. You were so young and yet carried so much pain but through it all decided to stand up and be a star anyway. Thank you for the inspiration and I hope by hearing this, people will find and feel the same inspiration to be fierce in their perseverance in whatever they are going through. RIIP

"Rising Minnesota rapper Alexis Alijai Lynch, who went by the stage name Lexii Alijai, died at 21 years old, her family announced on Jan 1. While in high school, the budding artist gained notoriety after posting viral videos of her rapping over Drake, 2Pac and Meek Mill songs. She became even more well-known after collaborating with Grammy-nominated musician Kehlani on the 2015 single "Jealous," which landed on Billboard's Top 40 charts. Lynch performed at the Soundset Music Festival in Minnesota alongside Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Chance the Rapper and Lizzo in 2016 and released her debut full-length studio album "Growing Pains" a year later." Go check out the rest of her music....

Attached Files

1) Growning Pains - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
2) Miss Jackson - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
3) NO Love - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
4) Crazy Life - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
5) Cut Throat - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
6) Roger - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
7) Angels - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
8) Whatever You Need (Remix) - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
9) Me, Myself, and I - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
10) Green Tea - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
11) Timeless - Lexii AlijaiDownload 
12) Outro Interview with Peter Parker RIIP LexiiDownload 


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