DJ Baby G Unbroken Heat 2

DJ Baby G is at it again will this new fire pushin tracks for the artists, so will world can hear their heat droppin on the eardrums. Let's get it  (Parental Advisory contains explicit lyrics)

Attached Files

2. Vibes .mp3
3. Tequila Blow.mp3
4. F It Up.mp3
5. Andaly .mp3
6. Ouuuh.mp3
7. 21.mp3
8. Pour Me Pour Me.mp3
9. Haunting.mp3
10. Don't Mean It.mp3
11. Prisoner.mp3
12. Gifted.mp3
13. Like Daddy, Like Daugther.mp3
14. Cuff Me Too.mp3
15. I'm So Hood.mp3
16. Berserk.mp3
17. Love Yourself.mp3


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